The wisdom of the body – somatic awareness

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Many wise men and women through the ages have said that all the answers lie within our selves, in other words within our own physical bodies – that we can in fact access our OWN truth from within ourselves. Having spent quite a lot of time studying body-psychotherapeutic approaches, I know that the proponents of such methods for self awareness will agree strongly. In the east it is well accepted that our truth has to come from within. Having been a meditator of more than 26 years I know this to be very much the case. When connecting with my inner being and raising my awareness beyond the physical and mental part of my being, I have experienced becoming connected with a higher awareness and an intuitive wisdom which is boundless.

I observed earlier today, as I often marvel when having my morning shower, that somehow I get my best intuitive messages for the day ahead, during the process of taking a shower (other than of course my morning meditation, which is the failsafe method). I’ve always observed this to be the case, and if something particular has to be dealt with on that day, it will come to me during this time. It still amazes me that it is always the right message, which works out to be of great benefit. I don’t do anything to encourage this process – it just happens. Again this happened to me this morning, and I thought about it.  Whilst showering we naturally bring our attention towards our physical body and away from our tendency to purely be active in the head and active within our thinking processes. So our awareness is very much bodily during this time. It made me conclude that if indeed we have all the answers useful to ourselves inside our own being, naturally these should come to us when bringing our attention inwards and towards our entire physical form (and not just the brain).

For increased wellness in this day and age, we need to encourage the processes that make us far more connected with our WHOLE body. Nature, meditation, massage does it for me – many activities have this therapeutic effect for everyone individually. As Sir Ken Robinson has famously said, we live in our heads so much that the body is ‘just a transportive vehicle for getting our head to the next meeting’! Food for thought, and for me a great inspiration for increasing my somatic awareness!  I admire all those who seek to demonstrate to the rest of the word that there is a complete interconnectedness of all parts of our being, in a time when we are moving further towards the polarisation of all parts of our existence, and the dislocation of the mind from the body. If the only intelligence we have is located in the area of the brain, where does common expressions such as ‘gut feeling‘ and ‘broken heart‘ come from? Here’s to the brilliance of that feminine power called as intuition – It comes from within and it always works for me.


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